MALAYSIA-Validity & Functionality in HR Management Initiatives
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Validity & Functionality in HR Management Initiatives

These are ground-breaking applications for distributing performance-based pay increases and bonus. Featuring, among others, 100% yield (zero balance) distribution, and 7 alternative reward policy curves capable of individual gradient and concavity/convexity fine-tuning, these applications are the answer to your search for flexibility, accuracy and defensibility in reward distribution. A state-of-the-art technique using valid statistical tools is included in these applications as a means of moderating inter-rater bias in performance appraisals— you can now discard the use of the controversial ‘bell-curve’


Easy, Accurate, Real-time Options in Rewards Distribution

With interpintarRaise© and interpintarBonus©, linking rewards to contributions is as breezy as 1, 2, 3.

With just three steps, interpintarRaise© and interpintarBonus© generate for you an incredibly wide range of contributions-linked reward distribution configurations and what-if scenarios on a real-time basis; from this wide range of decision alternatives, you may now easily select one that best fits your organisation’s reward policy preferences.

Specific Targeting

interpintarRaise© and interpintarBonus© enable you to apportion distinctive reward rates to groups identified by specific categories (e.g. by profession, job grade, geographical location, length of service, etc.) on account of very specific considerations (e.g. regional differences in cost of living, inter-group variances in performance, premiums for certain professional groups in the talent market, etc.), saving time and effort otherwise spent on ‘exceptions’ processing.


interpintarRaise© and interpintarBonus© process prorations based on given criteria such as length of service, assertive action, multiple appraisals and changes in job grade and base pay caused by mid-term relocations etc., accurately and speedily, saving time and effort otherwise spent, again, on ‘exceptions’ processing.

Max-Out Cases

interpintarRaise© helps you cap pay increases to the range maximum when you administer your annual increments; it also shows the extent of ‘maxing-out’ cases among your people, which indicates the need for a pay-range review in your organisation.

No More Need for the Controversial Bell Curve!

Forcing your appraisal rating distribution to a normal curve invites controversy and does not guarantee that you are not going to over- or under-distribute your reward budget. interpintarRaise© and interpintarBonus© distribute your reward budget to the last dollar – 100% yield, 100% of the time whether your appraisal rating distribution is bell-shaped, skewed or multi-modal.

If You Still Insist on Having the Bell Curve!

If you still insist on having the bell curve, we will help you derive one. The difference in our bell curve is that we employ valid statistical methods for deriving it - our bell curve is thus valid, defensible and not controversial.

Inter-Departmental Rating Bias Resolved!

Dissatisfied with some departments being very lenient, while others overly stringent, with appraisal ratings? Concerned with overall appraisal ratings in some departments not reflecting their true bottom-line? And yet, you are at a loss for solutions?

Worry no more!. interpintarRaise© and interpintarBonus© help you overcome inter-rater bias and re-establish inter-department parity in appraisal ratings.

Our Edge

Each PRODUCT or SERVICE that we develop and deliver offers at least one innovative, break-through feature that results from our critical look at market benchmarks, enabling us to offer our clients a real edge.

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